Bouncers, rockers and swings

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    Bouncers, rockers and baby swing chairs are commonly used by parents to entertain and soothe their baby, however they are not without risks. If the product is inclined and/or padded, it can lead to a baby suffocating if they are used unsupervised or for sleep.

    Using bouncers, rockers and swings safely

    Mum playing with a baby in a bouncer.

    If you choose to use them, be aware of the risks of using inclined products and be sure to follow these simple steps for safe use. The Product Safety Australia website also has safety information on use of inclined products.

    Use them on a flat floor, away from potential hazards.

    Never leave your baby to sleep in bouncers, rockers and baby swing chairs as the inclined backrest and soft sleeping surface are unsafe for your baby.

    Always supervise your baby if using these products.

    When your baby begins to roll, it is time to stop using inclined products such as bouncers, rockers or baby swing chairs. When babies start to roll, this can increase the risk of suffocation if they roll into a position that blocks the airways or smothers their face.

    Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for safe use.