Change tables

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    Changing a wriggly baby is always a challenge! Take away some of the stress by keeping supplies within reach and making sure your change table is safe. 

    There are a few simple steps you can take to keep your baby safe while changing them.

    Choosing a safe change table

    Baby on a change table.


    • Be sure that change tables have roll-off protection like a child safety harness or raised barrier which is roughly 10cm high.
    • There should be no gaps near or on the surface of the change table to keep your baby’s fingers, arms, legs or head from harm.
    • Make sure all locking devices on a folding change table are strong, so that the table cannot accidentally collapse.

    Using a change table safely

    • Stay with your baby while they’re on the change table and always keep one hand on them to prevent falling.
    • Use a child safety harness, if one is available.
    • Do not use a thick mattress that reduces the height of the barriers.