Bath and change safe

Bath and change safe

Bathing and changing your baby is a part of the everyday for parents and carers.

Read on for a few simple steps you can take to keep your baby as safe as possible while bathing and changing.

Steps for bathing and changing safe

  • Some baby products, like bath aids, have minimum safety or information requirements. Check Australian safety standards and bans for product specific requirements and look for labels that show they comply.
  • Products may be removed from the market if they are not safe. Check if a product has been recalled in Australia or overseas by visiting the Product Safety Australia website and the OECD GlobalRecalls portal, and consider registering to receive up-to-date recall alerts.
  • Buying online? Look at photographs and the listing description carefully – they should include warning labels and the age range the product is designed for. If the supplier doesn’t provide this information, don’t buy the product – it’s not worth the risk.
  • Research the product and supplier. Online ratings and reviews are a great source of information, too.


  • Always read product warnings and labels, follow instructions for safe assembly, use and maintenance, and only use the product for its designed purpose.
  • Regularly check for wear and tear – don’t use a damaged product.
  • Always bath and change your baby under close supervision. Never leave your baby alone or in the care of another child - even when using a bath aid. If you must leave the room, take your baby with you.

  • Before you start, have any supplies like towels and nappies ready and within arm’s reach.

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